Primary Genre: Cyberpunk

Age Rating: Mature - 16 and up, may contain nudity, profanity, excessive violence and other content not suitable for minors

Status: Ongoing

Synopsis: It's the year 2095, Lagos State is a utopia free of crime and corruption, except one sector. This sector is a smelly pit of whores, guns, and drugs - a godforsaken hellhole. It is popularly known as Sector Pandemonia. King, a 30-year-old man, wakes up in a hospital in Sector Pandemonia with no memory of who he once was. The emergence of this man sends a shockwave to every sector in Lagos State - shockwaves that set the entire state in chaos. Follow this thriller filled cyberpunk comic book series as we discover the secrets of the man with no memory and at large - the secrets of Lagos State. Follow the Anarchy.

Collectible Comics NG Anarchy #3 (Murderous Love) Comic Book Cover Murderous Love
Collectible Comics NG Anarchy #2 (Welcome to Lagos 2095 II) Comic Book Cover Welcome to Lagos 2095 II
Collectible Comics NG Anarchy #1 (Welcome to Lagos 2095) Comic Book Cover Welcome to Lagos 2095


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Elbz Elbz

Sat, Jul 06, 2019
OMG the graphic fresh but the episodes are too short
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Abiola Adebisi

Thu, Jul 26, 2018
But now am getting addicted... graphics dope, concept dope, lies, dope...i said lies because am sure lagos wont be like that lol...but you making this place my fav
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adex sammy

Mon, Jul 02, 2018
The suspense tho....#lovely
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Murewa Ayodele

Sun, Jun 24, 2018
Thanks Emmanuel
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Emmanuel Maraks

Fri, Jun 22, 2018
Not bad at all