Primary Genre: Science-Fiction

Age Rating: Teen - 12 and up, may contain mild violence or mild profanity

Status: Ongoing

Synopsis: The planet Pomona quickly becomes a safe haven for numerous life forms when a nearby star goes supernova destroying planets in its solar system and beyond. Pomona is forced to develop at overdrive with life forms from neighboring systems pitching in their strengths and intellects to make Pomona a home for all the affected lifeforms. As numbers increase, crime exponentiates. The police force takes center stage to continue to make Pomona a safe haven for all by controlling crime and ensuring law and order. Peter and Omafo, 2 of the best detectives on the force, take on a murder case like any other - or so it seemed. Attempts to solve this crime draws the duo apart whilst bringing out the worst in Peter. Dive into this new world with us alongside Peter and Omafo as they attempt to solve the crime like no other in this Science Fiction Crime Thriller - Retribution.

Collectible Comics NG Retribution #1 (Interrogation of the Ignored) Comic Book Cover Interrogation of the Ignored


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